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100 years of experience and innovation

Our mission.

Our goal is to make sure that almonds, hazelnuts and other nuts reach the consumer in perfect condition.

We guarantee an efficient process, always respectful of the product and with the environment.

We take care of each kernel. We add value We reduce costs and waste, from farm to fork.



A long history and continuous evolution

100 years of history leading innovation in machinery and technology for almonds, hazelnuts, other nuts, legumes and seeds.

In 1922 Ángel Borrell Ivars invented his first almond shelling machine. Since then, the passion for technology and innovation have always defined the company, awarded with more than 65 patents in four generations.

In the 1950s, José Borrell Collado gave a decisive boost to the expansion of the company, initiating exports and the industrial transformation of the company.

Since then, the company has continued to improve and expand its engineering, design, manufacturing, and research and development processes, consolidating its international sales and technical service throughout the world.


Advanced design and manufacturing
BORRELL® has always evolved at the pace of the most modern design and manufacturing technologies, counting today with the most powerful and advanced machinery, systems and tools for engineering: CAD/CAM/CAE, CNC manufacturing, automation and robotics.
  • 3 laser cutting lines
  • 2 water cutting cells
  • 2 laser punching machines
  • 3 CNC bending cells

  • 4 CNC machining centers
  • 3 CNC turning centers
  • 2 CNC profile cutting lines
  • 2 robotic welding cells

  • Assembly & manufacturing cells
  • Profile bending machines
  • Sandblasting & painting cells
  • Electrical & electronics workshop.
  • 2D CAD/CAM
  • 3D/Fluid Simulation
  • Mechanical, agri-food, electrical, process & software engineering.

Products and Solutions

Specialists in technology for nuts and seeds.

Our solutions cover any stage of the process in an efficient, reliable and productive way.

We offer machines, complete lines, technical service and engineering backed by numerous success stories and our extensive experience.

We supply machinery and systems for a wide range of capacities, sizes and features, from compact equipment to large industrial production lines.

Leaders in innovation & technology.

Our continuous investment in R & D together with the use of the most advanced design, engineering and manufacturing tools allow us to supply unique technologies that are always at the forefront of technology.

Range of patented multifunction machines for the almond hulling process.
Get the best results in efficiency, yield, cost and process quality with Borrell Huller Combo® machines, suitable for all almond varieties.
HyperQuadro® is a collection of patented innovations for Borrell shellers that unbeatably improve process efficiency & quality. Some of these technologies are already available on our machines and others will be added to our range of options soon.
The range of Borrell SmartSorter® machines have been specifically designed to sort almonds by gravity in an easy way but with great versatility of computer-controlled adjustments that achieve great results in the most difficult conditions.
The Borrell SmartElevator® range offers new designs of bucket elevators type C or Z more compact but with greater capacity, reliability and performance.
Available in multiple configurations and option sets.
Borrell BSSS Smart Shelling System® is a set of patented innovations that propose advantageous and more efficient product flows in almond shelling lines. These systems in conjunction with our machines add new options to the our wide range of solutions for shelling.
Borrell designs and manufactures the TamingSun® range of continuous roasters for almonds and other nuts that stand out for their efficiency and solid design. Modular designs available in various formats optimized for your processing needs.
Borrell TurboSort® is a set of new designs that expands our complete range of mechanical sorters and screeners for almonds and other nuts.
This range of machines is offered in different versions and with multiple options available.
Discover our new and powerful software platform for line and process control that joins our catalog of solutions for HMI/SCADA plant automation, data capture & analytics, by computer or/and by PLC.

Service & Support

We provide technical service, maintenance and support to all our customers around the World.

We make available to our clients our know-how accumulated during 100 years of dedication to the development of systems for the processing of almonds and other nuts, providing customized studies, trainings and engineering services for all types of processes.

Our partners

We collaborate with leading industrial partners from all over the world integrating their machines and technologies in our complete lines.

Contact us for more information

Find out where we are located and how we can help you with our machines and complete lines for processing almonds, hazelnuts, other nuts, legumes and seeds.